As Pattaya City quiets down with entertainment venues temporarily closed, thousands visit Koh Larn


Pattaya City Law Enforcement announced today that over five thousand people visited Koh Larn today in a single day likely due the tens of thousands laid off of work with temporary entertainment closures across the city.

Pattaya City Law Enforcement stated that every precaution was taken, however, with temperature checks, hand sanitizer, ensuring proper space between patrons, required mask wearing of officials and patrons and screening of possible symptoms. Heavy cleaning and disinfectant of all boats and the pier has also taken place.

As tens of thousands of people are without work it appears most choose to hit the islands and beaches in the seasonal weather. Law Enforcement officials said they were keeping a careful eye on mass gatherings and ensuring people kept proper distances between each other.

Pattaya is not under a lockdown or restriction other then entertainment style venues being closed at this time.

Source of photos: Pattaya City Law Enforcement

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