Pattaya City likely to implement ban on all plastic bags and foam containers on Koh Larn


Pattaya City officials announced today they are starting a campaign to request a ban on plastic bags and foam containers from being used by vendors on Koh Larn to help reduce the waste on the island.

The city has made significant improvement in eradicating the waste on the island during the tourism downturn, as The Pattaya News has previously reported, and plans to build a permanent incinerator on the island later in the year.

Mr. Manot Nongyai, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, spoke with the press today and stated that they have begun a campaign to ban plastic bags and foam containers on the island completely and are partnering with vendors and businesseses on the island to do so.

They believe that by doing so it will significantly reduce the amount of waste on the island. They will be working with vendors to change to compostable packaging to help reduce the waste.

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