Thai Government offers free medical checkups for all, including foreigners, who just came from designated high risk Covid19 countries

BANGKOK(NNT) – The government is offering free medical check-ups for all individuals including foreigners who have just arrived here, or have come into close contact with those from high-risk countries or territories already dealing with the coronavirus disease.

Thanom Ornketpol, Spokesperson for Government House’s recently established COVID-19 Data Center, has made it known that the government is offering free medical check-ups for those who recently arrived from high-risk countries or territories and are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, a sore throat or heavy breathing, asking them to contact the Disease Control Department, via Hotline 1422.

Such individuals are advised to stay in their homes, as the government will assign personnel wearing special medical suits, to go and pick-up the individuals to be checked at hospitals and will return them to their accommodation, all free-of-charge.

However, those who don’t fit the criteria will not be eligible for the free check up, but are able to personally get a medical examination which should cost 3,000 to 10,000 baht depending on the hospital.

The nine high risk countries and two territories eligible for this offer, defined by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, are Japan, Germany, South Korea, China and Taiwan, France, Singapore, Italy and Iran; the two territories are Hong Kong and Macau.

The Pattaya News notes that this list has nothing to do with compulsory quarantines, of which the message has still changed several times over the past week.

Adam Judd
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