Mentally unstable man arrested in department store in Chonburi after causing chaos with a knife at bank

Chonburi –
A man who police say is mentally unstable has been arrested at around 4:30 PM this afternoon after trying to damage a bank inside a Department Store in Sane Suk with a knife.

Sane Suk Police was notified of the incident at 4:30PM today at a bank in the Laem Thong department store.

Police arrived at the scene to find the man throwing objects into the bank, screaming incoherently and acting unstable. He did not cooperate with police requests to drop the knife and calm down.

While police were trying to approach him and calm the man down, the suspect used the knife to threaten the bank’s security guard, attempting to attack him.

The man was finally arrested and identified by police as 27 year old Noppadon Pattanaprateepkun. It took several officers and handcuffs to secure the man who was being combative, uncooperative and resisting arrest at every opportunity.

Police are continuing their investigation and stated they believe the man may be on illegal drugs and will be testing him for further results. The man has not answered any questions about why he has attacked the bank.

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