Business Marketing expert David Cavanagh visits Pattaya City to teach Thailand Internet Business marketing


Yesterday, on Feb. 28th, 2020, The Pattaya News team had the pleasure to visit a high energy conference room at the MYTT Hotel in Pattaya where well known speaker David Cavanagh was teaching a packed room of students about internet business marketing.

We filmed a video which is being edited and will be released soon, but in the mean time we wanted to give a few details about what the event was and inform our readers that another event is likely coming mid summer!

First, for more information about David and what he does visit his website here:

David Cavanagh has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and coaching and has sold millions of dollars of products and services, both online and offline in 17 countries for himself and his clients.

He’s appeared numerous times on TV with his latest appearances being in Dubai at the World Trade Centre, Burj Al Arab, Google Dubai and on live TV on CNBC Arabia (November 2016) from Dubai Internet City.

He’s a coach and mentor to the World’s best leaders who assists in keynote speaking, cosmetic surgery, law, travel and tourism, dental, SEO medical and legal marketing, real estate, property development, business owners and much more.

The Seminar was attended by over thirty people and was a high energy and engaging crowd who come from different backgrounds and experiences. The core market of the audience, however, is novices and new learners, those who have always wanted to learn internet marketing but found it intimidating or difficult.

Pattaya News Chief Editor Adam Judd visited David and chatted with him live on stage about his clients and their businesses and what the seminar was all about.

Adam Judd and David Cavanagh on stage on February 28, 2020

This particular seminar was for six days in total and was a deep, but exciting, dig into how to build, grow and develop your business and use internet marketing to succeed. One of the most fascinating things we found was that this is not just a “conference”. The meeting really begins when the students go home, as they are provided in depth follow-up and support for their business and learning as well as ensuring that they understood the lessons that had been taught and how to grow their specific business.

Here are some pictures of the students of the February 2020 class, details on the future seminars in Pattaya (David is a local Pattaya resident and has his family here and loves living in Thailand) will be posted on the website in the future. You can also get in touch with David if you live in Pattaya for private support and questions through his website if you would like to learn internet marketing.

Here is a great video about David as well:

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement or sponsored post, this is based on The Pattaya News team visiting the event and having the pleasure to meet Mr. Cavanagh and enjoy his events. One of our founders has attended the meetings in full in the past and utilized much of the information to help develop and build The Pattaya News.

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