Banglamung Police visit Pattaya Technical College to tackle root cause of local illegal motorbike modification and racing


On the afternoon of February 26, 2020, more than 30 officers from the Banglamung Police visited the Pattaya Technical College to teach dozens of students the dangers of modifying motorbikes illegally into street racing style bikes.

With support from teachers and staff at the college, the officers held a seminar and also taught students how to remove illegally modified equipment from motorbikes.

According to Banglamung Police a large percentage of local motorbike repairmen come from the College. These students also have been identified on numerous occasions by motorbike racers caught by Police as the individuals who modified and installed loud exhaust and other illegal equipment.

Police informed the students of the reasons for the crackdown and the dangers of racing on local streets, as well as informed the students of potential penalities for someone caught modifying a bike.

Police have traditionally focused primarily on the racers, Banglamung police officials admitted, but are changing strategy and now focusing on the shops who modify and provide the gear against Thai law for racing bikes.

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