Prolific home and hotel burglar arrested in Pattaya

Police have arrested a suspect today who has allegedly admitted to at least ten burglaries of homes and hotels in the Pattaya area over the last several months.

The Pattaya City Police reported this morning that they have arrested a 37 year old Thai man named only to the press as ‘Phet’.

He allegedly broke into rooms in apartments and hotels through unlocked windows when victims were not in rooms or when they were sleeping.

In all the cases he quickly secured multiple valuables and quietly exited the premises without being detected.

Police have been investigating Mr. Phet for several months and finally managed to track him down through the help of CCTV. He was arrested in Central Pattaya.

Police stated to their social media accounts that robbed homes and hotel rooms more than 10 times. He is facing multiple charges of theft.

SOURCE/PHOTOS: Pattaya Police, story by The Pattaya News

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