Nong Nooch Gardens are focusing on Indian tourists and partnering with tour companies to bring more Indian tourists to Pattaya


As the ban on Chinese group tours continues, decimating businesses that don’t adapt who previously focused on the Chinese market, some local attractions have found success shifting to the Indian and domestic tourism market.

Nong Nooch Garden held a special event last evening, February 17, 2020 at their convention center located at Nong Nooch Gardens to show appreciation to Indian culture and Indian tourists. Over 1500 Indian tourists attended the event who were brought in directly from the airport in over forty separate vehicles and busses.

Nong Nooch has partnered with Vestige and Journey Exotica, two travel and direct selling companies, to directly bring more Indian tourists to Pattaya and the Nong Nooch Gardens.

Nong Nooch Gardens stated that they are focusing on the emerging middle class Indian tourism market and hope that by bringing many more tourists to the Pattaya area they help not just the gardens but also the city overall.

The tours are four days and three nights in duration. Discounts and special packages are being provided for the Indian tourists. They were provided with a show featuring dancers, elephants and Indian culture.

Nong Nooch has also started special domestic tourism promotions giving free admission to the park for Thai nationals from specific provinces.

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