Unidentified foreigner falls from luxury Hotel in Pattaya, second mysterious falling death in two days

Pattaya –
Police have yet to identify the body of a foreigner who fell to death at a luxury hotel near the Terminal 21 Mall in Pattaya early this morning.

Emergency responders were notified of the incident at a luxury hotel on Pattaya Second Road near the Dolphin Roundabout and Terminal 21.

The name of the hotel has been withheld pending a full investigation and at the hotels request.

They arrived at the scene to find the body of the foreigner aged around 50 years old on the ground near the entrance of the hotel.

The gender was not identified in the report and the hotel did not give further details to the press, quoting hotel policy.

The body was taken to a local hospital. Police are working on identifying the body and the exact cause of death, if it was an accident, death by suicide or other circumstances.

Meanwhile police have yet to identify another body of a foreign man who fell to his death at a condominium in Central Pattaya this week.

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