Pattaya Baht Bus Association shows support for China and Chinese tourists

Pattaya –
Pattaya Baht bus and taxi drivers have encouraged Wuhan and all of China to keep fighting against the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus.

Yesterday more than 100 Pattaya baht bus and taxi drivers were showing solidarity with China in their fight against the virus.

They were yelling words of encouragement such as ‘Pattaya Baht bus and taxi drivers are hoping the Chinese people fight the virus, get well soon and We love the Chinese people!”

The president of the Pattaya Transportation Cooperative, Tawat Pueakboonnak, said Chinese tourists often rented baht busses to tourist attractions when busses were not available and were always good customers and friends to the Baht Bus Association. He said that the Cooperative wanted to be part of the Thais who stand behind them.

Signs of support are also going up in baht busses across the city to show Pattaya cares for the health of the Chinese people.

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