Thai woman allegedly steals 50,000 baht from a disabled Canadian tourist in Pattaya

Pattaya –
A Thai woman allegedly stole about 50,000 baht from a disabled Canadian man in Pattaya yesterday evening.

Yesterday, February 5th, 2020, Mr. Ryab Boumer, 46, a Canadian National who is permanently in a wheelchair, has filed a report to the Pattaya City Police alleging a theft of his wallet which contained 50,000 baht. (About 1600 USD)

A Thai man, Mr Wanchai Chinpeng, 21, who was a witness to the incident told Pattaya Police that he has recently known Mr. Boumer.

He had been hired as a caretaker of Mr. Boumer as he is disabled and to help him around town on his vacation.

They were in front of Mike Shopping Mall yesterday evening, located on Beach Road in Pattaya, according to the report. Mr. Wanchai went to the public toilet inside the mall leaving Mr. Boumer outside. He came back and saw a Thai woman aged around 30-35 years old speaking to Mr. Boumer.

She was allegedly trying to make friends with Mr. Boumer. Mr. Wanchai asked if she knew Mr. Boumer but she said she didn’t know him. He then asked her to leave.

She walked away seemingly without an incident. Mr. Boumer found out later that he had lost his wallet and passport from a pocket where he placed them in the back of the wheelchair.

His passport and about 50,000 baht cash was in the wallet according to his statement along with several credit cards and other personal information.

Mr. Boumer and Mr. Wanchai waiting to see police to file a report in Pattaya on February 5th, 2020.

Pattaya police are hunting for the suspect and reviewing CCTV from the entrance of the mall.

SOURCE/PHOTOS: Rak Siam News, story by The Pattaya News

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