Pattaya Floating Market cleans entire venue, increases hygiene measures to help protect against novel Coronavirus

Pattaya –
The Pattaya Floating Market has increased precautions and hygiene measures to help prevent any potential spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Staffers cleaned the entire venue from top to bottom to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

The surface area was cleaned with disinfectant and alcohol spray. Every vendor in the hundreds of booths and stalls in the Floating Market took place, wanting to make sure potential tourists knew the venue was entirely cleaned and ready for new potential visitors.

With the ban on Chinese Group tours, the management of the market wanted to let tourists know that it is a perfect time to visit the market which contains not only a floating traditional market but hundreds of unique vendors, a zipline, cultural shows, Muay Thai shows, restaurants and a cultural village showing unique traditional life in Thailand.

Masks and hand sanitizer were also being given at the entrance to concerned guests.

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