Thai officials say a second patient is being treated with a new drug combination that was successful in treating another patient


A second Wuhan coronavirus patient is being treated with a combination of HIV/AIDS and flu drugs that officials from Thailand’s Ministry of Health say were successful in treating another infected patient, Thai officials said at a news conference Monday.

Dr. Kriangsak Atipornwanich, one of the physicians treating the coronavirus patients, told reporters that authorities were awaiting test results to determine the status of the second patient treated with this combination of drugs.

Thailand Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said at the same news conference that the first case involved a 71-year-old woman who was presenting the “most severe” symptoms of all 19 coronavirus patients confirmed in Thailand. She responded positively to a combination of drugs at higher doses and her medical tests are no longer showing signs of the virus.

She is still recovering in the hospital.

Charnvirakul said information about her case will be shared. “Other academic, medical or research institutions can take this treatment result and find more facts,” he said.

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