Pattaya City officials hold rally to show support of China while they fight the novel Coronavirus

Pattaya encourages China to fight against the novel Coronavirus

Pattaya –
Pattaya has encouraged Wuhan and all of China to keep fighting against the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus.

At Pattaya City Hall, a rally was led this morning by the Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem. The rally was designed to show solidarity with China in their fight against the virus and that Pattaya stands behind China and has full faith in them solving the outbreak.

The Pattaya City Mayor showing support for China and Thailand at the rally today.

The officials and attendees were yelling words of encouragement such as ‘Pattaya is encouraging Chinese to fight the virus.” And “Pattaya loves China, get well soon!”

Mayor Sonthaya said at the rally “The Corona virus has seriously affected tourism and the economy all around the world. We stand behind China in their fight against the virus and truly care about the health of all of their citizens. We have utmost faith that China will resolve this crisis and Thailand and Pattaya will be here to welcome them back with open arms.”

“There are about three million Chinese visiting Pattaya each year.” He added.

“We also want to ensure the other 15 million tourists who are visiting Pattaya and our local residents and expats that we have taken all possible measures to prevent the virus in Pattaya. There are zero suspected or confirmed cases in Pattaya and the city is safe.” He concluded.

The Pattaya News adds that the last few Chinese tour groups left in the country and Pattaya that arrived before China banned group tours are likely to depart in the next few days, many this evening.

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