More then 1000 stray dogs to be moved from shelter in Pattaya to new facility in Pong

Due to overcrowding, previously stray dogs are being moved from Pattaya’s shelter in Plutaluang to a new facility in Pong.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai and city veterinarian Dr. Surapong Wongsuttawad toured the privately run Sanganchatsorakai Foundation Jan. 30.

Due to overcrowding, the animals are being moved from Pattaya’s previous shelter in Plutaluang.

The city has provided some financial support to the non-profit organization, but it still needs more to pay for utilities, food, medical facilities and a room to store the food.

People wanting to help can donate necessities or cash by contacting the Sanganchatsorakai Foundation’s Veerachat at 081-552-4982.


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