Pattaya Police question Chinese tourists after brawl at Pattaya restaurant went viral on internet video

Pattaya –
A group of Chinese customers filmed in a massive restaurant brawl earlier this week with staff, Thai patrons and foreign customers that went viral on social media have been questioned by Pattaya Police.

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The group of Chinese tourists, led by Mr. Wei Xiaohui and the Thai Restaurant owner Prasertchai Boonma, 53, were both questioned by the Pattaya City Police today.

A Thai woman who first approached the group of Chinese tourists at the restaurant and asked them to quiet down, sparking a furious argument, did not present herself to police, despite a request to do so Pattaya Police told the Associated Press.

Mr. Wei is a local business man who manages a boxing gym in Pattaya and legally lives and works in the city full time. He told police he was not at the restaurant but as he is a local business owner and friends with the Chinese tourists involved he offered to lead them to the Pattaya police station to discuss the incident.

According to the Chinese tourists, the Thai woman was rudely speaking to them and recording them without their permission on her mobile phone. Her refusing to calm down and continuing to be rude and film them sparked the incident.

Pattaya Police continue to investigate the incident and are still looking to get a statement from the Thai woman involved, who has been identified.

SOURCE: 77kaoded, story by The Pattaya News

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