Nongprue Police conduct Gold Shop Robbery training


Nongprue Police conducted a mock gold shop robbery for officer training in a Tesco Lotus department store this morning.


A team of the Nongprue Police led by Colonel Chitdaecha Songhong conducted a robbery drill at a gold shop in a Tesco Lotus department store at Chaiyapruek 2.

In the drill today, the robber used a fake weapon to rob the shop of gold and flee the scene on a motorbike with another suspect. Both suspects were trained actors. They then fled to a pre determined location requiring training officers to locate them using CCTV and police procedure.

Police participating in the drill were not given information on the robbery or the suspect in advance, however were told that the exercise was a training. Police finally arrested the robbers in a vacant lot within an acceptable amount of time, passing the training exercise.

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