Major Pattaya tourist attractions, malls and venues increase hygiene measures to help prevent Chinese Coronavirus


Pattaya –
Major local tourist attractions, malls, venues and airports have all majorly increased precautions and hygeine measures to help prevent any potential spread of the Chinese Coronavirus.

Hollywood Pattaya, Nong Nooch Garden, U Tapeo airport, Terminal 21 and more were cleaned for preventative hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the novel Chinese coronavirus.

Staffers at Hollywood Pattaya cleaned every bit of surface in the entire disco and area with disinfectant and alcohol spray. This will be done every two weeks. Toilets and areas where patrons sit and touch items, such as doorknobs, will get daily treatment.

Customers and staffers are also wearing masks to prevent the spread of the infection at Hollywood Disco.

At the popular Nong Nooch Gardens, which is one of the most popular attractions in Pattaya with Chinese tourists, the staff has taken the situation very seriously.

Temperature scanners and a medical check are being used before entering the venue. Complimentary masks are being given to all visitors and they are encouraged to wear them on their visits. All surfaces that people touch on a regular basis are being disinfected. Park management assured customers they are safe and treating staff and customers health with paramount importance. They also stated that due to the amount of trees and fresh air in the park that natural oxygen levels were higher which also help.

At Terminal 21 all staff and retailers have been told to wear preventative masks. The cleaning staff has increased the level and area of disinfectant and cleaning on a daily basis.

At the upcoming Maya music festival this weekend organizers announced the event will continue in official partnership with Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, using thermal scanners at entry, handing out masks and denying entry to any one who has recently been to areas of China where the outbreak is serious.

All 7-11 staff have been told to wear surgical masks and regularly disinfect the doors, counters and general sales area.

As of press time, there are no confirmed cases in the Pattaya area.

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