Thai Ministry of Transportation launches new complaint center and social app project

BANGKOK (NNT) – The Ministry of Transport has launched the “MOT Your Social” project to receive suggestions and complaints from members of the general public and to inform them about the ministry’s projects.

The Permanent Secretary for Transport, Chaiwat Thongkamkoon, said after presiding over the launch of the “MOT Your Social” project today, told the Thai media that it will serve as a channel for members of the public to send their suggestions and complaints related to different modes of transport to the ministry at any time around the clock.

The public can send their suggestions online or reach the ministry’s call center, and they will receive a response within three days, the Ministry said. The “MOT Your Social” program also consists of a YouTube channel to inform the public about the ministry’s projects, along with other news and activities; the “MOT Public Hearing”, a website that provides information about the government’s policies and work progress; and the 1356 Call Center. Ten more lines have been added to the call center.

People can call the 1356 Call Center around the clock to report complaints or request any information they need related to the Ministry of Transport. The ministry will gather all suggestions and complaints to further enhance its functions and services for the people’s benefit.

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