Pattaya Mayor and city government “deeply concerned” about Chinese Coronavirus, Pattaya number one destination for Chinese tourists in Thailand currently


In a press conference with the local media this afternoon at a Chinese New Year event the Pattaya Mayor, accompanied by the rest of the Pattaya City Government leadership team, stated that they are deeply concerned about the Chinese Coronavirus.

Thailand on Friday confirmed its fifth case of the new coronavirus, a senior Thai public health official told the Associated Thai press.

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The Pattaya City Mayor Sonthaya Khunpluem revealed to The Pattaya News that they are closely keeping an eye out for signs of the Coronavirus in Pattaya.

Chinese tourists in Pattaya, Thailand on January 25, 2020

“This is a very important situation. If we don’t strictly protect and prepare for this, there may be a risk to the public if the virus spreads.” The Mayor stated to The Pattaya News.

“Pattaya is the top city that Chinese tourists have visited over this holiday period. We need to care about this situation first even if it might effect overall tourism.” He added.

Specific details of what was being done to protect residents were not given at the press conference. The Pattaya News notes that many Chinese tourists seen during the New Year weekend are wearing protective masks, however very few foreigners from other countries or Thai nationals were seen wearing masks. A surgical mask is the best protection, medical experts have said, but not a guarantee.

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