Greenpeace Thailand marches against air pollution in Bangkok, wants public clean rooms built by government to take shelter from air pollution

BANGKOK (NNT) – Greenpeace Thailand and the civil network have held a march, demanding the government escalate its actions against the air pollution crisis, stressing the people’s right to clean air.

People wearing N95 masks and holding campaign signs, one of which claimed the right to clean air, marched from Benchamabophit temple to the government’s complaints center, where they submitted a letter to the government, asking it to take serious action against the air pollution crisis and the accumulation of PM 2.5 airborne particles, in order to protect Thai people’s health.

Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Thailand Country Director Tara Buakamsri said today the government must build clean rooms in public spaces where pedestrians can seek shelter during an air pollution crisis, and must allow the general public to participate in air quality measurement.

He suggested the government purchase more air quality detectors and ensure the operational condition of all equipment, while at the same time the Thai government should this year change its current PM 2.5 particle in atmosphere standards, to comply with the World Health Organization’s interim target 3, at an average of 35 micrograms per cubic meter in a 24-hour period, and the average of 12 micrograms per cubic meter in a 1-year period. The government should also be strict with the regulation of pollution emissions from key sources such as power plants, industrial factories, and vehicles.

The Vice Minister for Natural Resources and the Environment, Nopadol Phonsen, who received Greenpeace’s letter, said the government is on track to combat air pollution, and may invite representative of Greenpeace to attend a meeting, in order to hear opinions and suggestions on ways to bring back clean air to the people.

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