Man survives drive by shooting and crash into power pole in Pattaya, says his Buddhist amulet saved his life

Pattaya –
A thirty year old man survived a presumed attempt on his life early this morning in Pattaya after his vehicle was shot at nine times, causing it to crash into a power pole.

Lieutenant Colonel Yongyut Wannuea of the Bang Lamung Police was notified of the incident at 2:00 AM at Nong Maigan.

Police, The Pattaya News and emergency responders arrived at the scene to find a damaged car had collided with a power pole.

Nine bullet holes were found on the car. The injured man, 30 year old Mr. Waranyoo Kaewmala, was found in the car.

Mr. Waranyoo Kaewmala, 30 after surviving a high speed car crash and a drive by shooting on January 21, 2020.

Mr Waranyoo is a brother of a famous Thai boxer.

Bullet scratches were found on his head, arm and shoulder, however none of the bullets had directly hit him. His face was injured from the crash with a power pole. He was rushed to a local hospital but was in good condition overall.

He told Pattaya police that while he was driving back home, there was a pickup truck that had closely followed him at high speed.

The amulet that the victim believes saved his life. January 21, 2020, Pattaya News

Shortly after there were several gunshots at his car, causing him to lose control and crash into a power pole at high speed nearby. He believed that he had survived the gunshots and the crash because of a religious amulet he has worn for a very long time. He told the police he did not know why anyone would want to kill him.

A bullet found in the vehicle of the victim. January 21, 2020, Pattaya News.

However, Pattaya police are continuing their investigation to find potential suspects. At this stage they believe that it is a personal conflict and hope to get more information from the victim.

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