Bangkok Government asks residents to limit burning of items for Chinese New Year to reduce air pollution, on alert for fire hazards

BANGKOK (NNT) – Thai-Chinese communities in Thailand will be celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend, during which many candles and much incense will be lit, along with the ritual burning of gold and silver paper, any of which could pose a fire hazard and a source of air pollution. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is this year asking the general public to reduce such activities to minimize emissions, and provide guidance on fire prevention.

The BMA’s Deputy Permanent Secretary Khachit Chatchawanit, has accompanied BMA officials on a visit to Yaowarat road to observe fire prevention measures arranged for Chinese New Year, and distribute pamphlets on fire prevention to the general public.

During the festivities, the general public is encouraged to reduce burning activities as well as candle and incense burning, and to ensure all lit candles and incense are completely extinguished before leaving home, as well as ensuring that all electronic devices and cables are in good condition. Shrines in Chinatown are asked to regulate burning activities and smoke emissions.

The BMA has deployed safety and firefighting units to be on standby at 35 high risk locations across Bangkok, equipped with fire trucks and fire fighting equipment on standby 24 hours a day to quickly respond to fire incidents. The general public can call the 199 or 1555 hotlines at any time of day to report a fire risk.

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