Taxi driver causes Japanese tourist to have accident in Sri Racha, flees scene

Sri Racha-

A 35 year old Japanese tourist was forced to suddenly swerve out of the way of an erratically turning taxi in Pattaya this afternoon, crashing into roadside barriers and seriously damaging his vehicle. The taxi driver immediately fled the scene.

Mr. Yohei Shuto, 35, driving a white Toyota caught the entire alarming incident on his dash cam.

Mr. Yohei Shuto 35, after an accident in Sri Racha on January 19, 2020.

An unidentified taxi driver in a green and yellow meter taxi cut across several lanes of traffic at high speed without warning, forcing Mr. Shuto to swerve out of the way, losing control and crashing into road barriers, seriously damaging his vehicle.

The following photos show the incident that happened in a split second.

Mr. Shuto was not injured in the accident, thankfully. However, the taxi driver immediately fled the scene. Mr. Shuto called police.

Sri Racha police reviewed the footage and told The associated Pattaya press that Mr. Shuto’s version of events was accurate. They stated they are working on identifying the particular taxi from the dash cam footage and CCTV in the area and that the erratically driving taxi driver will be caught and brought to justice, being forced to pay for the damages and face legal charges for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Update: Sriracha police have said the taxi driver has appeared in person and will be paying for the incident and a fine.

Photos: Pattaya News, text The Pattaya News.

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