Honest taxi motorbike driver returns Japanese tourist’s lost belongings in Pattaya

Pattaya –
A taxi motorbike driver helped a Japanese tourist to find his belongings after the tourist forgot them on a minivan in Pattaya this week.

At the Pattaya City Police Station, a taxi motorbike driver, 39 year old Mr. Trirong Paijaturas, returned a laptop, passport and cash back to a Japanese tourist, Mr. Hidenori Endo, 72, who forgot a bag containing the items inside a minivan.

Good Samaritan Trirong Paijaturas, 39 on January 17, 2020.

Mr. Trirong told The Pattaya News that he saw Mr. Endo was walking around in a panic near where a minivan had dropped him off, which is near Mr. Trirong’s taxi stand . He asked Mr. Endo what the issue was with a translator application on his mobile phone.

Mr. Hidenori Endo, 72, of Japan inspecting his returned belongings on January 16, 2020.

Mr Trirong understood that Mr. Endo forgot his belongings in the minivan. Mr. Trirong managed to track down the identity of the minivan service and driver. After several hours, he found Mr. Endo’s belongings.

It was not mentioned by either party if a reward was given for the recovery of the lost bag or the exact amount of cash in the bag. Mr. Endo was extremely thankful at the Pattaya Police station and commented on the friendliness of Thai people.

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