Pattaya Police to launch “Smart & Safe System” data collection and criminal analysis tool for Pattaya City

The Pattaya City Police are set to launch a brand new data application tool for crime prevention in Pattaya that promises to help modernize the cities police force and gather data and information on criminals and crimes.

The Pattaya City Police Chief Colonel Khemmarin Pitsamai, who has only been in his role for a few weeks told The Pattaya News at a meeting yesterday afternoon at the Pattaya Police Station “There are more than 10 million tourists visiting Pattaya each year. We cover a total area of 192 square kilometers for the greater Pattaya area. ”

“However there are only 438 officers in Pattaya to take care of tourists and full time residents which is not nearly enough. We currently have one officer per 10,000 people. Everything we record and investigate is currently still done manually and utilizing antiquated technology. Our field officers don’t have the tools they need to look into suspects criminal histories in the moment and this slows our response time.” He continued.

“We have contacted Bangkok Global Software Company to launch the Police 4.0 program to support our Smart & Safe City policy in order to use a large central data system for data collecting and analysis.”

The exact details on the system and how it will work were not released by the Police Chief at this time. It was also not clarified if the system would collect data and information on only Thai Nationals or if they will also collect information on foreigners and tourists.

Written by Adam Judd, photos the Pattaya News team.

Adam Judd
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