Pattaya City officials and police concerned about potential escalation of US-Iran conflict and how it may hurt tourism and the economy

Pattaya –
Pattaya Police have expressed their concerns on tourist safety, the economy and potential negative tourism effects during a meeting today regarding the Iran – US conflict.

The Pattaya City Police Chief Colonel Khemmarin Pitsamai has concerns for tourists safety due to the Iran – US conflict.

The conflict between Iran and the United States will lead to fluctuations in currency and stock markets globally according to legal financial analysts. This may also hurt tourism in Thailand if the conflict escalates.

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Police Chief Khemmarin Pitsamai of the Pattaya Police being interviewed by the Pattaya News and Associated Press on January 6, 2020.

Colonel Khemmarin said they have concerns about the incident as many tourists from around the world are visiting Pattaya.

They have increased more security and safety to properly take care of tourists.

Police have also asked accommodation operators to report to the Migration Office per Thai law when foreign tourists have checked in. There is significant concern on illegal hotels and condos operating as hotels without a hotel license. Police have warned another crackdown on this is likely coming.

“If anyone sees anything unusual, please report to the police immediately”, Col. Khemmarin added.

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