Banglamung reservoir at critically low level as drought sets in

Chonburi –
Bang Lamung residents have complained to the media, including The Pattaya News, on a developing water crisis as the Sak Nok Heng reservoir water level hit critically low levels this week.

44 year old Mr. Taksin Kenpratook, a local resident who lives next to the reservoir told the media “I have never seen the reservoir water level this low in decades of living here. This year is very dry.”

“Normally, the water is full in the reservoir. This water supply is a major supplier for Pattaya as well.”, he added.

Mr. Suthat Nutpan, the manager of the Pattaya Water Works Authority, acknowledged the issue and has told local residents “Please save water, as you use less you pay less.”

A photo of the Sak Nok Heng Reservoir taken on January 2, 2020.

Mr. Suthat suggests that local residents scale back on the amount of daily water usage and work together to conserve the level of water available. An extended period of drought has been predicted by the Thai Meteorological Service for the next several months.

A photo of the Sak Nok Heng Reservoir taken on January 2, 2020.

He has confirmed that the water in the reservoir is enough to last at least until the end of June, despite the concerns of local residents and the drastic appearance of the reservoir water levels.

SOURCE/PHOTOS: 77kaoded, story by The Pattaya News

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