Cabinet of Tourism and Sports visit Pattaya today, Chonburi Tourism and Sports Director to bring up many issues hurting Pattaya tourism

Pattaya –
Multiple Pattaya tourism issues are to be suggested to the Tourism Minister when the cabinet of Tourism and Sports visits Pattaya this afternoon, December 28, 2019.

A meeting was held yesterday, December 27, 2019 at Flipper House hotel and was led by the director of Chonburi Tourism and Sports Office Mr. Thanasorn Dokdua. The meeting included community and business owners, city leaders and mass transportation representatives. It was also attended by the Pattaya City advisor for tourism Mr. Rattanachai Sutthidejanai.

Multiple Pattaya tourism issues are to be suggested to the Tourism and Sports Ministry in order to find a solution. Some of those issues are:

Data Collection Problems-Counting only the number of foreigners who pass through Immigration does not properly represent the situation on the ground in terms of tourism and spending. One of the top five visitors this year in terms of countries is Laos, but they are counted as tourists despite the fact the majority are foreign workers passing back and forth.

• Currency-the value of the baht is still too high and nearby countries like Vietnam and Cambodia are becoming significant regional competitors. It is not an easy problem to solve, Pattaya City officials admit, but there must be some action taken in terms of making the area more attractive financially.

• Basic infrastructures-Although improvements are being made and much work is being done there are still many gaps. Lack of public toilets, bi lingual signage, translators for multiple languages, and more is hurting tourism. Training more Thai people on cultural differences between different countries and Thailand will be critical in the future.

• Illegal Hotels-Pattaya still has many guest houses and hotels without a license hurting the image of Pattaya and tourism.

• Tourism support incentives: Most of the recent National incentive programs have been for Thai nationals and domestic tourists only. Pattaya officials believe that more programs specifically for foreign tourists including good discounts and packages need to take place.

• Police checkpoints-Balancing checkpoints for public safety and to avoid hassle.

• Public Transportation and tourism routes- Discussing the EEC work and public transportation in Pattaya. Working together with what is currently available and the future plans.

• Tourism expenses are too high compared with other nearby countries. Additionally, the PR campaigns as a country are much less for tourism versus Vietnam and neighbors.

We will give a report on the meeting later this weekend as The Pattaya News is attending.

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