Fire breaks out on grounds of Wat Chai temple in Pattaya, no injuries or major damage reported

Pattaya –
A large fire broke out on several garbage piles at the back of the Wat Chai temple in South Pattaya this morning.

Firefighters were notified of the fire at 1:00 AM in the early morning near Chai Mongkol Temple. It took some time to get to the scene as the vast majority of the firefighters in the area had been responding to a major warehouse fire in Chonburi and were some distance away.

They arrived at the scene to find the fire was heavily ablaze on huge garbage piles. It took about thirty minutes to put out completely.

36 year old Mr. Dam Kammuang who is a security guard at the temple, told The Pattaya News the fire started very quickly.

The fire at Wat Chai as it was being battled by local firefighters in Pattaya on December 27, 2019

It is believed that someone might have dumped a cigarette bottom on the garbage pile. Luckily no injuries were reported. The video was shot by a witness, Mr. Nunia Usegi, who also reported that he called the fire department and tried to assist by getting help.

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