Young woman dies after falling from 22 floor of Jomtien Hotel on her birthday


A 23 year old Thai woman was pronounced dead by Pattaya rescue workers at 3:00 AM this morning after falling from the 22 floor of a popular hotel on Jomtien Beach.

The woman, Ms. Sutthirak Sroikutruea, had locked herself in her hotel room according to her uncle in law who named himself as 43 year old Mr. Boon.

Ms. Sroikutruea had been out celebrating her birthday with family and friends according to her uncle in law and had been drinking heavily when she had an alleged verbal dispute with her foreign boyfriend. The name of the foreign boyfriend was not given and he had not been present at the hotel.

The dispute between Ms. Sroikutruea and the boyfriend allegedly became so heated that a police officer was called to mediate at the nightlife venue they were out at. At this point, she left and returned to the hotel. According to Mr. Boon she was heavily intoxicated.

A Pattaya City Police officer reviews the scene.

She locked herself in her hotel room on the 22nd floor and refused to open the door for friends and family. Police believe she made the decision at this point to leap to her death. Police told The Pattaya News there was nobody else in the room and no signs of foul play. The name of the hotel has been with held pending the closure of a police investigation over the incident. Pattaya City Police stated they are confident the young woman died from suicide.

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