Driver crashes into house in Sri Racha, seriously injures sleeping woman

PHOTOS: Peow Yieang Tai Sri Racha (Bypass 3)

Sri Racha –
A young Thai woman has sustained serious injuries after a SUV has slammed into her home in Sri Racha while she was sleeping yesterday afternoon.

Peow Yieang Tai rescue workers were notified of the accident at a house near Caltex gas station in Nongkham yesterday afternoon.

They arrived at the scene to find a black SUV crashed into a small home.

A young woman who was sleeping in the house has sustained serious back and head injuries. The woman’s name was withheld by the rescue team pending contact to her extended family members.

She was taken to a local hospital. The driver, who was not named, was detained by the police. They did not announce if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Nongkham Police are continuing their investigation for further legal action.

Story by The Pattaya News team

Edited by: Adam Judd

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