Pattaya Entertainment and Tourism Association claim Chinese tourists down 40 percent in Pattaya year over year for high season in terms of entertainment venues

Pattaya –
Tourists have decreased 40 percent in Pattaya high season; claim the Pattaya Entertainment and Tourism Industrial Association to Sophon Cable television today.

Mr. Damrongkiet Pinitkarn, secretary of the association said, “In this high season before the New Year, the number of tourists at night clubs and bars have significantly decreased compared with last year in this period.”

“Chinese tourists are also checking in pool villas and having parties instead of going out.”

“More Chinese tourists are travelling to Vietnam than Thailand while more Indian tourists are coming to Pattaya and going to night life places.”

“Chinese tourists have decreased while Indian tourists are roughly the same as last year. Russian tourists have increased, however, they don’t often go to nightlife or entertainment venues.

This particular study according to the Association was primarily only on nightlife and entertainment venue tourism according to the organization and results coming from those places. It does not take into effect non entertainment tourism, such as island visits or shopping.

The Pattaya News notes this also primarily looked at only Chinese tourists spending patterns and behaviors. The Tourism Ministry reports different results, however, are based on overall tourism and not the entertainment industry.

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