Weather continues to get cooler this weekend, Thai residents do everything they can to stay warm


The weekend is officially here and the weather remains cool across most of Thailand-and it’s only going to get cooler this weekend, especially overnight.

Fires are a common sight in Thai villages across the country at night and even a few rare fires have been spotted overnight in the Central Pattaya area as motorbike taxi stands and others try to stay warm.

Thai Officials have warned the elderly and young to be careful and aware of the weather. The Army, with the assistance of AIS, has donated 5000 blankets to those in need across Northern Thailand.

Pattaya could see temperatures as low as 13C tomorrow or Sunday overnight forecasters warn. With a steady wind the wind-chill is significantly less.

Sweaters, beanie caps, scarves and more have been a common sight amongst Thai locals in Pattaya over the last several days.

Meanwhile, many tourists who come from colder climate countries stated to The Pattaya News that they are enjoying the weather and to them it was nearly perfect.

Stay warm!

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