Local man suffers serious burn wounds after setting a fire to keep warm in Chonburi and splashing booze on the flames

Chonburi –
A man has been seriously injured early this morning and his back and buttocks suffered severe burns after he set a small fire while drinking whisky to make him warm in the cool weather.

Rescue workers were notified of the incident at 5:30AM in Nong Maideang.

They rushed to the scene to find Mr. Suriya Mabai who had sustained serious injuries at his buttocks and back from the flames. He was taken to a burn trauma unit at a local hospital.

Nearby officials found the small bonfire, a burnt plastic chair and bottles of white whisky.

It is believed that Mr. Suriya might have splashed some whisky by accident onto his pants and chair before he caught fire. He was drinking alone so there were no witnesses to the accident. Rescue Workers also stated that he could have poured some of the whiskey into the fire to increase it’s strength and it backfired.

Officials are warning local residents to be very cautious if using fire to keep warm. A relative who lives with him told the media he would drink alone outside every night until dawn and was heavily intoxicated when he had the small fire going.

SOURCE/PHOTOS: 77kaoded, Text by The Pattaya News

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