Pattaya Indoor Cricket League Round 11 Match Report-RST Vipers’ defeat by AAS and RST Cobras’ win over PCC creates a draw for the tournament title!

Pattaya Indoor Cricket League (PICL) – Round 11 match report

The final round of the tournament was played on 2nd Dec at Rugby School Thailand (RST), Banglamung, between RST Cobras versus Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) and RST Vipers versus Asian All Stars (AAS).  

RST Vipers’ defeat by AAS by 6 runs and RST Cobras’ win over PCC by 2 runs creates a draw for 1st place in the tournament, PCC and AAS were third equal.

PCC’s match was the same old story – having scored more runs off the bat, 93 versus Cobras’ 62, they gave away 42 extras and victory to RST Cobras by 2 runs.  

A 7-man PCC opened first with Bernie Lamprecht and Edwin van Rensburg.  Their sound score of 23 was marred by Edwin being caught by Will Stoker and then run out.  Wez Masterton and Matt Harkness scored freely for 33 although Lady Luck gifted them three missed catches from Will Stoker at cover. 

Charlie Rowe got his revenge by having both batsmen caught, with Will Stoker managing to hold on to one. A mediocre 44 for 4 at halfway. Thereafter PCC were kept under raps by tight bowling (10 dot balls) from Charlie and John Holland, but PCC preserved their wickets. Jainish Parikh and Dexter West added 16 whilst Trevor Moolman and Dexter (doubling as the 8th man) added 21 for the last 3 overs. 14 runs, including a six by Dexter, came off the last over from an unusually less than effective Chris Lindop.  A defendable score of 107 reduced to 87 for 4.  

RST Cobras’ usual openers of Pete Reeh and Guthrie Miller were reasonably well contained and managed a respectable 19 runs for no loss, but Mr Extras added 16.  A good start with 35 for 0. Will Howell and John Holland were also kept in check via several dot balls from Matt Harkness and Wez Masterton but they added 18 with Will being run out by an accurate throw from Jainish Parikh. Halfway was 52 for 1 and 8 runs ahead.  Will Stoker, a debutant, and Charlie Rowe took the crease.

Bernie’s usual bowling accuracy deserted him and he threw a bunch of wides and then Jainish pinned Will at the striker’s end. Matt Harkness completed their third over by bowling Will and restricting them to a nett gain of 8 but Mr Extras added 13.  PCC needed to keep it tight if they were going to pull off a win, never easy against Lewis Madd and Chris Lindop. Trevor Moolman’s over yielded 9 runs whilst Bernie’s yielded 12 (7 of them wides). Cobras were 7 runs ahead when Matt bowled the final over. 4 dot balls and an appeal for LBW – not given as it was just a tad too high. Then Chris was caught off the last ball to bring the score to 104 reduced to 89 for 4 and RST Cobras won by 2 runs. 

Best bowler was Matt Harkness with 2 overs 14 for 2.  Best batsman was Bernie Lamprecht with 15 for 0 and MotM was Matt Harkness.

In the last game of this tournament, RST Vipers played the AAS. This was yet another T20 or Big Bash match with runs and wickets galore.  

AAS opened the match with Dimple and Jatin who made an excellent start.  Dimple hogged the strikers end and bashed 27 including two sixes in retaliation for being bowled second ball by Stuart Douglas. 

Happy, not wishing to be outshone by Dimple, smashed 36 (highest score of the tournament) from 17 of the 18 balls. Harsh, feeling a little left out, wanted the strike so he refused to run and Happy was run out.  Having got the strike, he promptly ran himself out. Doh – Happy took control of the strikers end again, but they had added 47 with extras and the score stood at a formidable 76 for 3 at halfway. The brakes were applied by Tim Jones in a devastating over where he bowled Ravi first ball, 2 dots and then bowled Aswin, Ravi was then run out and Ashwin was LBW last ball.  Some semblance of order was restored in the remaining 2 overs as Aswin and Ravi added 20 for no further loss. The final pair of Bharat and Rajish added a solid 32 for the loss of Rajish caught by Matt Mann off Steve Dunn. Bharat hit the last ball for 6 and brought the score to 157 reduced to 117 for 8.  

RST Vipers had their work cut out and started slowly whilst still loosing wickets.  Matt Mann and Stuart Douglas both lost wickets to Rajish via a catch from Bharat and a run out via Dimple whilst adding 21.  Previn and Burger Yesnoyeswait Marx arrived where Burger immediately reverted to type and Previn was run out. Burger is now known as Yesnoyeswaityessorryoops. 

Burger maintained most of the strike and scored 21 but Previn fell to a catch by Ravi off Dimple. Halfway was 42 for 4 and 34 runs adrift. Something needed to be done.  Marcus Large and Carl Pohl did quite well by adding 24 for Carl being caught by Dimple and the 11 extras were really helpful. The final pair of Steve Dunn and Tim Jones lit the touch paper but they were still 45 behind.  Bharat’s over yielded 12 runs and Ashwin’s 18 runs but Steve Dunn was expertly stumped by Bharat chasing a wide ball. RST were 20 runs behind in the last over. Was it possible? They scored 19 but Steve was run out and so they ended their innings with 146 reduced to 111 for 7 and a loss by 6 runs.  

Best batsman was Happy, best bowler was Tim Jones and MotM was Bharat.  

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