Jomtien Beach to get same facelift and width increase as Pattaya Beach next year City Hall says


City Hall along with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor’s held a meeting yesterday in Pattaya and stated to the press that in a joint project with the Harbor department Jomtien Beach will get the same beach widening project that Pattaya Beach had last year that has proven so popular.

And, it’s coming next year City Hall says.

The wider beach in Pattaya has proven to be a hit with many more locals and tourists spending time relaxing and lying on the beach than ever before.

Like Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach will be done and completed in sections. Jomtien does not have flooding issues like Pattaya has previously had according to City officials so some of the issues with the beach being damaged by rain is not a concern on Jomtien Beach.

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