False killer whale found sick on Pattaya Beach, later dies at Marine hospital

Pattaya –
A False Killer Whale rescued near Pattaya beach yesterday evening has tragically passed away this morning.

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) was notified that the whale had been found near South Pattaya beach at 7:30PM yesterday.

Rescue workers, marine experts and The Pattaya News rushed to the beach.

A 34 year old Thai man, Jirayu Wanpusit, who first found the whale, told The Pattaya News that while he was fishing near the shore, he felt that he caught a big fish stuck on his fishing hook.

He jumped into the water and was very surprised when he saw what he had caught and immediately called authorities for assistance. It was initially believed to be a dolphin, however, a Marine Expert who arrived correctly identified the marine animal.

The whale was taken for treatment at Sattahip Naval Base and nearly a dozen soldiers helped carry the animal into a special vehicle for transport supervised by DMCR officials and a marine veterinarian. It weighed about 300 kilograms. Large crowds had gathered to see the rare animal.

The DMCR reports that the whale had been pronounced dead at 4:11AM this morning.

Marine experts believe that the whale might be sick as this kind of whale usually lives together in a group. However, the cause of death is being identified and investigated.

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