Pattaya Police and Immigration officers attend cultural and sexual HR diversity program, learn how to properly treat LGBT individuals


On November 13th and 14th this week in Jomtien at the D Varee Hotel Pattaya City Police and Immigration officers attended a two day conference led by Mr. Rano Meyers, a United Nations Development representative along with the Director of the Sisters Foundation of Thailand.

The focus of the two day conference was two pronged…one was a general HR and cultural diversity training, helping officers understand different people from different countries and how to treat and interact with them. It focused on how not everyone has the same background or experiences and how to tailor ones approach based on this.

The second part was training Pattaya Police and Immigration officials on properly treating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals. It focused on special needs they may have and how to avoid offending or upsetting them, especially in a tourist setting.

The belief is the training will help officers be prepared to better handle and treat with respect a wide variety of tourists, expats and local residents in Pattaya.

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