Surprise…villagers in Chonburi find a four meter python in the water tank!


Local snake handlers and village officials were called when a shocked local homeowner in Chonburi just outside of Pattaya opened his water tank area for cleaning and found an unpleasant surprise….a four meter long python coiled inside!

The incident found that the homeowner said that he was about to clean his house and opened the lid of a sewer pipe inside the house to find a large python coiled tightly inside the pipe, which was expected to be there for a long time. He immediately called for help.

Snake handlers opened the pipe and placed a snare around the snake’s neck before helping to pull the python out of the tank area. It took about 15 minutes, they found that the length of the snake was almost 4 meters, then put the python into a sack and released in a local jungle to let it go back to nature.

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