Pattaya Police arrest sky lantern sellers and users on Loy Krathong


Police had been warning for weeks not to use or sell fire lanterns in Pattaya for Loy Krathong but a few enterprising souls decided to risk it anyways on Pattaya Beach, one nearly directly in front of a police temporary station near the concert area.

It didn’t take long for police officers to rush over and arrest the Thai man selling the lanterns, who was not named by Pattaya City Law Enforcement.

Police also briefly detained several users of fire lanterns. It was not clear if they were fined as police had warned for weeks. The fine had been announced as high as 50,000 baht but it’s likely they were let off with a warning.

The seller was taken to Pattaya City Police Station to face legal charges.

Several other sellers were arrested throughout the night as well Pattaya Police reported.

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