Pattaya City officials inspect shops for illegal fireworks before Loy Krathong, warn public of high fines and possible jail time


With one day left until Loy Krathong Pattaya City officials have been inspecting shops and venues around the city ensuring that fireworks are not being sold and reminding vendors and potential buyers alike that use of fireworks on the holiday and sky lanterns is prohibited.

The Pattaya City Police Chief spoke with the Thai media earlier last week and said that due to the danger of fires sky lanterns and fireworks are strictly prohibited in the Pattaya area. Violaters face fines of up to 50,000 baht and potential prison time.

Police will have a heavy presence on local beaches tomorrow night ensuring that tourists and local residents are safe and that the rules are being followed.

A promotional photo released by Pattaya City to show fire lanterns are prohibited.

Local environmental groups have also pushed to remind people to not use stryofoam or plastic Krathongs and use only ones that are made of natural materials or environmentally friendly. Additionally the Thai government has asked that each family or group float only one Krathong per person to help alleviate the amount of trash.

One vendor was arrested selling fireworks last week, however, this recent inspection seemed to show that people were following the rules and listening to the repeated warnings by police against fireworks and sky lanterns.

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