Suspects charged for attacking Kuwaiti man at Pattaya Beach, friend of Kuwaiti victim found with drugs in hotel room

Suspects charged for attacking Kuwaiti man at Pattaya beach

Two suspects have been charged for attacking a Kuwaiti man at Pattaya beach.

A Kuwaiti man has been injured after a robbery on Pattaya Beach early yesterday morning.

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The injured Kuwati man is 33 years old Fahad A S Alyaqoub. He stayed at a hotel with his male friend he told police during the police report.

Officers went to the hotel today to follow-up on the report and what they had discovered but found a surprise…. his male friend, whose name has been withheld due to an active case and a Thai woman. Mr. Alyaqoub was not present at the time.

They were found with four methamphetamine pills, two ecstasy pills and one gram of crystal methamphetamine in the hotel room. The Thai woman and the Kuwaiti man were arrested.

They have been charged with illegal possession of category 1 and 2 Drugs and illegal use of crystal methamphetamine.

The Tourist Police Commander Lt Gen Chetta Komonwantana revealed that they have arrested two suspects who have attacked Mr Alyaqoub at Pattaya beach.

Those two Thai suspects are 33 year old Pongsak ‘Tinglee’ Krasip and 39 year old Tom Inplueai. They have admitted that they attacked the Kuwaiti man but said it wasn’t a robbery.

They were drinking alcohol on the beach with friends while Mr. Alyaqoub and his friend were walking along the beach. The Thai men said the Kuwaiti men started a verbal argument with them. There were no specific details about the argument.

They have been charged with being drunk in public, causing a public nuisance and attacking another person causing serious bodily injuries.

Mr. Alyaqoub claims he had no idea about his friends alleged drug usage in their hotel room.

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