Pattaya Police warn against fireworks on Loy Krathong, raid local vendors and confiscate illegal firecrackers


The Pattaya City Police, led by the new Police Chief, announced that fireworks will be strictly prohibited for Loy Krathong, along with sky lanterns, in an interview with the local press yesterday afternoon.

Officials stated that raids on shops and vendors who sell the items will be taking place leading up to and on the day of the event, which is Monday, November 11, and that strict fines and prison time are on the table.

They stated that buyers of the items will also face harsh penalties. The police warned that these items could cause fires and were dangerous, thus the ban. They are also not part of the traditional festival of Loy Krathong.

Police presence is expected to be high on the day of the event as the entire Beach in Pattaya turns into thousands of people floating their krathongs onto the water and wishing for good luck for the next year while floating away their worries and problems from the prior.

Multiple concerts are scheduled for the event on the beach including major Thai acts like Carabao.

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