43 year old man breaks through South Pattaya police checkpoint and leads police on high speed car chase, arrested for a positive drug test


A 43 year old Thai man, identified as Mr. Bundit Pandit, was arrested last evening after leading Pattaya Police on a high speed car chase.

The suspect allegedly broke through a vehicle checkpoint in South Pattaya around 10:30 PM, running through the checkpoint and nearly hitting several police officers.

He was eventually stopped with the help of a blown out tire and loosing control of his vehicle near an intersection nearly ten kilometers away from the checkpoint.

Pattaya Police searched the vehicle and Mr. Pandit and found nothing suspicious. When asked by a Pattaya News reporter why he fled the suspect claimed to have panicked and was just a telephone repairman and not a criminal.

Police were not satisfied and conducted a drug test on Mr. Pandit who tested positive. He allegedly admitted to using drugs for personal use. He was arrested at the scene for the positive drug test and for fleeing law enforcement officers.

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