Intoxicated man arrested after causing havoc in Pattaya Family Mart

Bang Lamung –
An intoxicated beauty salon owner has been caught after causing havoc inside a Family Mart in Pattaya this morning.

Captain Wichai Anansapying of the Bang Lamung Police was notified of the incident at 5:00AM at a Family Mart on Soi Khao Talo in Pattaya.

Police emergency responders and The Pattaya News rushed to the scene. Inside the Family Mart they found the man who was acting erratic. He was shouting and throwing items at people nearby. Police finally arrested him which took nearly a dozen officers. The man was screaming insults and abuse at the police while being arrested.

The man was identified as 43 year old Warayu Tanateerawarat who is a beauty salon owner near the Family Mart. His friend and roommate told the Pattaya News that while they were sleeping, Mr. Warayu woke up and tried to attack him for no reason. The friend fled for help.

After that, Mr. Warayu ran into a Family Mart next to his shop. Mr. Warayu’s roommate believed that his friend might have taken drugs which caused his erratic behaviour.

Mr. Warayu has been taken to Bnag Lamung Police station for drug testing and is facing multiple charges, including resisting arrest, assault and public disturbance charges.

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