City reverses stance on no parking on Na Jomtien Beach Road after local residents and businesses complain, painting more crosswalks instead

Pattaya –
Some red and white road markings that tell people not to park there in Pattaya will be erased and more zebra crossings will be added, according to Pattaya City Hall Officials at a meeting at City Hall held yesterday afternoon.

The meeting held yesterday was led by the Pattaya City Deputy Chief Mayor Ronnakit Eakkasing.

Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Eakkasing, October 4th, 2019.

Additionally, new red and white markings are to be painted for about 200 -300 metres at Thep Prasit Road near Thep Prasit market to prevent vehicles parking and solving traffic jams during market days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

One more zebra crossing will also be painted near the market.

Meanwhile, at Jomtien Sai 1 at Soi 18 and Soi 19, which have already had red and white markings painted along 600 metres, officials have responded to many local complaints and will remove the no parking area.

The area, which has many restaurants popular with Chinese tourists in particular, had the no parking colors painted about two months ago causing outrage amongst many of the businesses saying there was no parking now for customers anywhere nearby and they were losing business.

After a study, city hall has agreed to allow parking in these areas and more zebra crossings for the tourists will be painted in the future.

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