One year old child finds lost mobile phone on Pattaya Beach and helps give back to Chinese owner

Pattaya –
A one and a half year old girl found a mobile phone on Pattaya beach and returned it to the Chinese owner with the help of her mother yesterday.

40 year old Mrs. Orrawan Sanetan, who is the mother of the one and a half year old girl named ‘Focus’, told The Pattaya News yesterday afternoon her daughter found the mobile phone on the sand while she was playing at Pattaya beach.

Focus brought the mobile phone to her. Ms Orrawan gave the mobile phone to the Pattaya City Police to find the owner.

The mobile phone owner, who is a 40 year old Chinese woman named ‘Kaew’ contacted the police and came to meet Focus and her mother. Kaew can speak Thai and is a local expat.

She said thank you to Focus and her mother. She also gave a small reward to Focus for being good girl.

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