Meet the new mascot and face of tourism for Phuket

The new Phuket mascot has officially been announced in a contest and the winning mascot is ‘Nong Joong’ – a baby lobster/shrimp created by Jin Sataponsathitsuk, who received 100,000 for his efforts.

The mascot represents a naughty kid who loves eating, exploring, and loves learning new things. His goal is to discover Phuket through fun activities, delicious food and great experiences. His best friend, Umi, a baby sea urchin, keeps calling him Joong, instead of Goong (that means prawn in Thai).

Officials hope that this new mascot, which will appear in all Phuket related tourism items, will help boost tourism and show how fun the city and area can be.

Source: Phuket Hot News, Thaiger

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