Woman arrested after stealing 40,000 baht of clothes in Pattaya store

Pattaya –

A woman has been arrested after stealing clothes in a local store that cost approximately 40,000 baht in Pattaya last night.

The Pattaya City Police led by Capt. Chainarong Chaiin have arrested 40 year old Thai woman Orrawan Cheewachit at 11:30PM last evening.

Capt Chainarong said 52 year old shop owner Naiyanan Gale reported to police with CCTV footage that shows on Saturday the suspect has stolen clothes in Villa Market located in the Avenue shopping mall that cost more than 40,000 baht.

Orrawan has admitted that she stole clothes but claimed she was doing it to give away to others not for herself. She said she is disappointed that Ms Naiyana recently insulted her verbally and the crime was in retaliation for that offense.

Police are continuing with further legal action.

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